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Everyone knows that when it comes to weddings all bets are off. A wedding is a very special day which we all look forward to. It is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration which everyone will remember for many years to come. It’s a day when birds are singing, and love is in the air. Many people spend years planning for their dream wedding, going over every detail so that when the day comes, everything is just right.

Of course, to have a really great wedding, you need to hire a talented music band to keep the party popping, a phenomenal chef to impress your guests with good food, and finally a great dress or tuxedo because after all you’re the life of the party.

But no wedding feels truly complete without fancy and memorable wedding decorations. Having the right wedding decorations can turn your special event into a magical one. Wedding decorations is not something to take lightly. Choosing the wrong wedding decorations can leave an impression which won’t soon be forgotten and not in a good way. That is why it is important to put a lot of thought and preparation into every nook and cranny until it looks just right.

The Entrance

The entrance area is the first thing the guest see when entering your wedding hall. It is also the place guest are most likely to take photos with the groom and bride when arriving and presenting them with wedding gifts. We recommend a design with rustic wooden doors, or white garden style gates, spread wide open.

Another classis design is to place two huge vases, one on each side of the entrance. As for the doorway, you can hung a beautiful collection of flowers in combination with ribbons and other elements to am the entrance really inviting.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the celebratory area of the wedding. It is a larger area with a lot more room to get creative with your decorations. Here is where your guests will spend more of their time sitting down for dinner and mingling with everyone they know, while enjoying an amazing meal prepared by the phenomenal chef mentioned above. In this area the decorations that stand out the most are beautiful center pieces that are carefully placed 5ft apart from one another.

Also, if the budget allows, you may decorate the dinning room tables with fancy silverware and fine dinnerware China. And finally, last by not least, the seating and linins which bring a unique style to all tables, showing off the bright vibrant colors which add a special touch to the overall look and feel.

For variety of such accessories, you may want to reach out to a party rental company that supply chairs, tables, linins and many other party accessories you many need. We prefer to use B & B Party Rentals for our wedding party needs. B & B Party Rentals has a great selection of various size tables, modern chairs that come in many colors and styles, and hundreds of linins to choose from.  They also assemble stages and custom dance floors.


Not all weddings have aisles so this part may be optional. But one thing is for sure, its better to have a decorated aisle than a plain one. One way to brighten up an aisle is to add beautiful bouquet of flowers on the corners of the seating area, with long pretty swirl style ribbons hanging down to the floor. Another great way to brighten up the walkway is to spread scattered flower petals all over the floor. But don’t add too many, we don’t want anyone slipping and falling on their special day.

The Alter

Ah the Alter. What could be more romantic than a place where you will say your vows and finally profess your undying love to your loved one. It is also a place where your wedding photographer will want to take the most pictures so that this moment will be captured in your memories forever. The idea prop for the alter is usually a lovely arch which should also be fully covered with bouquets of different color floors and ribbons.


Any professional decorator knows that the stage is the ultimate focal point of every wedding reception. Whether it’s the special dance for the newly weds or the many guests who get invited on stage to make a toast, we all know the stage plays a huge role for the wedding. This comes as no surprise that the stage requires special attention. We recommend large, beautiful center pieces in the back as well as wall decorations or backdrops with design.

Wedding Planning Tips

Now that you have a plan in place on how to decorate your special day its important to remember to keep all your colors and designs matching the color theme so that nothing looks out of place and there is a harmonious style that is pleasant on the eyes. The ideal way to handle this is to hire a professional event planner. But if you insist on doing it yourself, just make sure you know the names of all the colors you want, and have a eye for design to make it all look professional.

Make sure to have things organized. Creating a detailed list of what has to get done, is helpful. Write down the list of vendors you will be using for the venue. Check and then double check the seating arrangements. You want all your guests to be comfortable and in good company. Keep an eye on the budget so there would be no surprises at the end of the end of the event. And don’t forget to tip the crew.

If you are making an outdoor wedding, make sure to check the weather every couple of days as the wedding date nears. Use multiple sources if you must. Make plans ahead of time to be able to migrate indoors in case the weather gets bad.  Also have a chat with your photographer about the outdoor lighting to make sure they have everything they need to capture your special day the right way.

And last but not least, make arrangements to clean up after. Ideally you would make these arrangements with the wedding hall staff. But if you are renting out an outdoor space, you will be expected to clean up after. You may want to hire a professional rubbish remove company who would gladly take care of this for you.

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