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While parties are almost always fun, the unexpected ones are not so much fun to plan, especially when  its your first time planning one. Of course everyone has thrown a party at one point or another in their lives and it seems pretty obvious if you think about it. You need a big table, a couple of chairs, order some takeout, and buy some balloons, right? Well, while such a party plan might do the trick if you’re making a small birthday party or a get together, but it wont even make a dent if the event is an unexpected dream wedding. So let assume you have the space, perhaps an outdoors wedding in a big back yard. What exactly do you need to make this wonderful event happen?

The list

When planning an event of this size, its not easy to keep tracking of all the things needed to make it happen. So committing things to memory just wont do the trick. What you need is a big organized list where you can make notes, jot down the requirements for your party, and even remind yourself or last minute additions. When making a list you want to start with the simple and obvious things at first, then slowly work toward listing the complexities of the party. Let’s go ahead and create a practice list which you can work off of to help you put everything together nicely.


Food & Catering

It goes without saying that no party is even worth attending if you if the menu is lacking or nonexistent. When planning a food menu, it is hard to please everyone. These days when you are catering a big event with lets of people, you are bound to run into special needs such a diet requirement. When we say diet, we don’t necessarily mean serving low calorie foods for those that are watching their weight. We are talking about those special cases where people’s health demand needs to be met to accommodate those with health issues. You always want to consult with everyone on the guest list to make sure there are no allergies to certain foods which can really put a damper on your party if someone gets sick after eating something they are not supposed to.

But wait that’s not all. Besides dealing with health reasons you will also need to consider peoples personal food choices and religious requirements. For example, certain people are required to only eat kosher food, while others have made a choice to eat only vegan or vegetarian. The more food requirements that are fulfilled the happier your guests will be.


Tables & Chairs

Even though the weather is great, and you have a great big backyard for people to walk around and socialize, eventually everyone we will need them to sit down somewhere to rest their feet and relax a little. Luckily for us, such devices have already been invented. For a small event chance are you can get away with using your dining room table and the chairs around the house. But for a big event like a wedding, you will need many tables and many chairs to seat everyone comfortably.

The easiest way to approach this problem is to reach out to a party rental company. Party rental companies make it hassle free to rent tables and chairs of any quantity size or color. The easiest way to put together a great party is going through a party rental company since they already carry everything you may need and can deliver it to you at a moments notice.

When we are making a party, we like to use our local party rental company B & B Party Rentals. They provide great service; they deliver on time and best of all they return at the end of the party and clean everything up. Can’t ask for a better deal than that.


Cutlery & Glassware

Now that everyone is seated you will want to serve some food. If you’re thinking buy a bunch of packs of reusable paper plates and some plastic cups may be one to something, but do you really want the memory of a great beatify wedding to be the same as some college get together where everyone is walking around with red plastic cups while drunk?  We didn’t think so.

Cutlery and glassware is also very important. Its no secret that fancy China and glassware is very expensive and having to shell out thousands of dollars just to look presentably is not always the right way to go.  The ideal approach is to hire a catering company where you can negotiate a great food menu as well as cutlery and glassware requirements that will suit your needs. Catering companies are well equipped to prove everything you need including table lines, food trays and even champagne glasses.


Sound System & Band

Another very important factor which you don’t want to overlook is the entertainment. The entertainment consists of several factors. One of them is having a great host who will keep everyone on their toes and participating and the other is the music band. Your party is not a party if there is no music. If you are hiring a professional band then you’re doing the right thing. But if you have decided to save some money and make your own playlist of music that you think everyone will like then you need to consider investing in a decent sound system can handle the job. A common and most overlooked mistake is relying on a cheap speaker system. With not enough volume or base, your party will sound like a cheap outdoor BBQ. The smart way is to rent heavy duty speakers from your local music shop. Because if there is no music then there is no dancing and if there is dancing, is it really a party?


The stage

We left the best for last. What kind of a Wedding would it be without walking down the isle with your loved one by your side to say your “I Do”. Its one of the most beautiful and memorable moments and is almost always recorded by all the guest. And nothing brings this moment to life like a beautiful white stage which is elevated off the floor and covered with a gorgeous white glossy surface which really brightens up the place and the entire event all together.

But where would one even get a such a stage? It seems like a lot of work to put something like that together on your own. Well once again party rental company to the rescue. Our local company B & B Party Rentals has professional assembled our stage in a matter of hours and it was well worth it. Once again you may want to reach out to your local company, and they will help you with everything you need.


We hope this list was helpful and we wish you many fun and successful parties in the future.

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